I’m not a buttoned-up, tidy sorta guy. My mind thinks and cleaves through this “reality” in an ongoing, evolutionary procession. At any moment I might be thinking of something that will literally vanish from my radar a minute later as I’m diverted to another cognitive exercise. I philosophize in spurts and I’m not the type to have everything sitting orderly, compartmentalized inside my noggin. What I’m trying to say is that this concept of an “About page” is different for everyone.

Some people know what they are “About” and will list the entire litany as soon as they are presented with a tempting text field.

Me? Nah, not built that way.

This section will in fact explain a lot about me, but not in a cohesive narrative people are groomed to expect.


I’m not a wordy guy, but I am ranty.

Oh, I like to make words up. My spell-checker hates my disdain.

This here section, about me, it’s a work in progress. I’ll feed you my self-summary, over time, kinda like Chinese water torture.

One. Word. At. A. Time.


I will write about anything I have an opinion or thought about which means: I will write about anything. I will offer up the most esoteric meanderings and my only promise is that I will try to make them accessible and entertaining to a world that does not share my sensibilities, never has.

How is that for some alienated shit?


I can come across as grouchy. Maybe that’s because I am?