The Medical-Insurance Symbiotic Complex does not cover iStork

The casual trashing of America is a fad, like stuffing people in Volkswagen Bugs, or pet rocks.  Maybe rock candy.

America is a body-double piñata for the histrionic outbursts of those who blame-pummel the nation out of frustration and helplessness attributable to today’s dystopian morass.

Something doesn’t go quite to your liking or expectations?
Blame America.

The hospital billings for your baby delivery were over $51,000 (of which you only paid $250)?

It’s frightening to behold the fiber optic sliver of real estate between health and abject poverty, isn’t it? We react with anger and fear, a real adrenaline brew of crystallized oh shit.  It’s America’s fault. America is villainous treachery with Uncle Sam’s boomer face, it is old white men, it is greed, it is psychopathic power brokers.

America, ’tis a joke!

Several layers down the comment ladder in @shannonmayor’s Tik Tok post, a prototypical outburst by the oh-so-edgy @moshpit (dakota).  This Utopian groveler appears to be of the opinion that babies should be an assumed freebie, courtesy of iStork. A real fire sale.

We tread the extremes here. Two-hundred-fifty dollars for an intensive medical procedure versus $51,000 for the same procedure in an alternate universe unpopulated by health insurance companies.

Oh, wait.  In that universe, health costs would not expand to such cosmic levels without Blue Cross to cover.

The Law of Money Conservation tells us that money is effortlessly created but can never be destroyed. It is assorted and shifted around like shells in the grand game of commerce. The other $50,816.02 in Shannon Mayor’s monetary close call obviously doesn’t simply vanish. Someone will be accountable for that value, and someone is in dire receipt of that money throughout various mileposts in this procession that guides us through the Medical Insurance Symbiotic Complex.

It’s not America to blame.

It’s avarice and the health system predicated on pyramiding maximum earnings from the pot without inconveniencing anyone directly. Unless, of course, you think $250 is an extravagant inconvenience for the approximate peace of mind that you won’t bleed to death during birth and that your newborn will receive good medical care.  Many young people from the AOC battalion seem to believe the most lukewarm efforts to accomplish a simple producer/consumer paradigm are misguided, as the formula is inherently unfair. In fact, such an elementally naive, Utopian model is not sincere but greedily delusional in its own way.

America is no more a joke than human nature is a farce. This nation, in which anything is possible and the downtrodden can succeed, is our glorious beacon. But there is a corollary:  this is also a poisonously free land where anything is possible and amorality is currency to succeed even more.

In all cases, the American Dream is the enabler.